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Here is Justina, Bazile, Barbara, Tomas,  Eva, Anna and Karolinka. We got a real buzz out of all activities related to art and culture and we would like to share it with all of you. 

We had a chance to have a first-hand experience with different cultures during cultural evenings. We tried national food and drinks, took part in funny games and learnt new words and phrases in different languages. 

Lithuania- a country where basketball is a "religion".

Delicious food and drinks straight from Czech Republic 

During Give a paw! Go wild we also had an opportunity to develop our craft skills and try out new techniques: improve photo-taking, sew "filcuchy" and design and make our own ecobags. The outcomes of the workshops exceeded our expectations so much that some of us spent free time sewing filcuchy just for enjoyment. 

Our work was appreciated during the final event - the eco-bags and filcuchy attracted a lot of public attention and the best pictures were put up and sold at auction. Real masterpieces!

We were lucky that during our stay in Zwierzyniec there was an international LAND ART festival which took place in a nearby park. We could enjoy original pieces of outdoor art and listen to alternative music. It was a perfect combination of art and nature which altogether created magical atmosphere!

Give a paw! Go wild was a culturally enriching experience for all of us!!!

Greetings from Lithuanian-Portugese-Czech-Polish team!

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