poniedziałek, 15 lipca 2013

Give a paw until the end

   So we got ready, steady and went to Zamość to make the final event happen. The days before we were preparing and we couldn`t wait to make it happen. We would like to say it was a sunny and beautiful day but actually we were afraid of the rain till the very end of our preparations and the very beginning of the happening. 
   This all had a meaning. We were trying to earn as much as possible for jerzyk which is a dying out species in Poland. This cute little "birthie" lost his home because of reconstructions and modernization of old buildings in Poland. So money we collected are for new home boxes. The 
Zamość Voluntary Services Association was very helpful and the people were kind and all together good hosts even showed us around the city. We set up our market in the middle of Zamość square, Tomas put his box on, slogans are open and girls got ready for free hugs and kisses :)
   Two days before we were making eco bags and filcuchy and we were pretty curious if someone will buy fruit of our work. And so we were surprised when people started buying it and interacting with us. They really cared about what are we doing there, what is jerzyk and how are we gonna help. 
   Some people were not interested about it but we didn` t cared about them too.
Even miracles were happening especially when one rich Polish man bought a picture for 100 zł. We all did our best to spread the information and good mood everywhere. And we were very happy that we earned almost 700 zł.
   To sum up it was fun for us and useful for jerzyk. And we all volunteers can end this project with good feelings and nice memories.

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