środa, 3 lipca 2013

The lull before the storm

Good morning everyone! Long time no see, huh?

We were silent for some time but that only means that we are keeping our noses to the grindstone with preprarations... Our team is putting a lot of effort! Some people have already gone wild (shhh....), some of them are still racking their brains and coming up with new ideas for workshops, others are burning the midnight oil, writing official letters and managing all neccessary equipment!

Nevertheless, only a few days left until we all gather in Zwierzyniec and our wild adventure starts!

So as to keep you a little bit "visually updated" here are some photos from our last meeting

PS Don't forget to read infopack carefully! It should reach you today!

See you all soon!

With love,

1 komentarz:

  1. Cześć!

    Can't wait to meet you, thanks for all the effort you are putting into this, I am sure we gonna spend great time together w Polsce!

    team LT