poniedziałek, 15 lipca 2013

Into the wild

Hello dear readers, we are writing from Zwierzyniec. After a long trips from Lithuania, Portugal, Czech we ended up in this beautiful city. After having some deserved sleep we had and interesting day just getting to know each other and in the evening we had and marvelous gathering in the beach near the magnificent lake which they called "Stawy Echo".

On our third day we went to museum and got introduced to Zwierzyniec flora and fauna. And so we go to our fourth day. On this day we went to national park of Zwieryniec and tried to explore the nature and enjoy the fresh air.

After deepening our knowledge of wild nature we started workshops. It took long tiring ours and because we needed some activity and rest we went to try out zipline. 

On our sixth day after some preparations for the happening in Zamosc, we went for an exiting bike trip.
Even thought at the begging it was raining, but it didn't scare us at all and during the trip even a drop of rain didn't fall. We passed by some wild horses and even got a chance to pet them. At  the end of the trip we visited the old country side buildings.

And the time flies so fast. So we are now on our last day here. And the firs thing in the morning we did was going canoeing. It wasn't a hard trip as some people said but those who went for the first time said it was just  perfect. So thats all dear readers today on we will have a farewell party and go home.It feels bit nostalgic.

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